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After you have experienced domestic or sexual violence or human trafficking, you may want someone to assist you with what happens next. An advocate can guide you by helping you to understand your choices or options, and by helping to protect your rights under the law.
An advocate can speak up for your rights as a victim, can help communicate your wishes, and can help you obtain information about your case. An advocate may be able to accompany you to medical or court procedures, or to a law enforcement interview

DASI Domestic Violence Legal Advocates

DASI Legal Advocates are not attorneys, and do not provide legal advice or services.

DASI Legal Advocates are familiar with the NJ Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, which is the domestic violence law in this state. They can help you to navigate the legal system, explaining each step along the way.

In addition, DASI Legal Advocates can:

  • Make referrals to local attorneys
  • Provide court preparation and accompaniment to Sussex County Superior Court
  • Provide court preparation and, when possible, accompaniment to municipal courts
  • For an appointment with a Legal Advocate, or for more information, please call: 973-579-2386

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DASI Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates (CSVAs)

A CSVA can support you and your loved ones by providing comfort and information after your sexual assault. A CSVA knows about the medical care you might need and about how the police may help. A CSVA is familiar with the criminal justice system and can be your personal link to the medical, police, and judicial systems, through every step of the process. A CSVA can work with you when you are:

  • Going to the hospital
  • Reporting to the police
  • Going to court

A CSVA can be contacted by calling the DASI 24-hour Helpline at 973-875-1211, or by asking the hospital emergency room nurse or other hospital staff to call a CSVA, or by asking the police to call a CSVA.

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