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This Mother's Day

We asked our donors to honor their mothers and other special women in their lives by donating to DASI. Below are the names of the women being honored. They are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, friends, community members, and advocates. DASI pledges to engage in transformative practices and aspires to create a strong, empathetic, healthy, and supportive community free of power-based violence to help all women feel safe!

Won't you join our pledge and honor your mother or that special woman in your life? Donate here or create a crowdfunding page ( click here } in her honor and inspire more people to join our initiative.

We are so proud to honor these amazing women

Linda Schneider
Brigitte Mohammadi
Lois Mitchell
Anna Czachorowski
Christa Schuttorgee
Marlene Rabe
Josephine Bookbolt
Morene Becker
Marge Weingartner
Elizabeth Flynn
Sally Carson
Winifred Flynn
Colleen Gratsch
Lillian Sauvein
Helen Sieja
Lynn Perelli
June Geiger
Roberta Khoury
Dottie Williams
Jeanne Savacool
Dorothy Adey
Barbara Staerkl Cibenko
Kathleen Borer
The DASI Staff
Dara, Liana, Cheryl, Judy
Cheryl, Judy
All mothers
Loretta Harrington
Helen Z
Irene Melone
Toni Melone
Bethany Melone
Kara Melone
Yvette Miller
Ann Jackson
Jennifer Muser
Yvonne Chauy
Nancy Robertson
Laurie Case
Suzanne Taranto
Cathy Taranto
Lorraine Anderson
Eleanor Birkner
Carney Downey
Sharon Pittenger
Betty Buckman
Naona Bennet
Ruth Jacobus
All the victims of domestic violence and abuse

In Memory Of
Myra Basher
Christinna Scarpato
Julia Schneider
Elenor Pfaff
Edna Chirichello
Alberta Schneider
Joan Chanin
Ellen Deible
Edith Beach

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