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DECIDE...a program for change

You can DECIDE to build strong relationships without abuse, controlling behaviors or violence.

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DECIDE can help if youanswer YES to any of the following questions ...

• Do you find that the more you try to control things the more things get out of control?

• Has more than one person mentioned to you that you have an anger problem?

• Have you insulted your partner by calling her names, or said things that caused her to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or afraid?

• Have you criticized, made fun of, or shamed a child?

• Do you pressure your partner or children to do things your way?

• Have you ever threatened to harm your partner or a child, or threatened the people, pets or belongings important to them?

• Have you ever become physical with your partner or a child when you were angry?

• Do you have strong feelings of jealousy or suspicion about other people who interact with your partner?

• Has your partner, or a child, ever been afraid of you?

• Do you ever notice yourself repeating behaviors that you witnessed in your home growing up that upset you as a child?

• If you treated your friends or co-workers the same way you treat your partner or the mother of your children, would you still have friends or a job?

DECIDE offers the following services:

• Education Group
• Case Management Support
• Community Education
• Professional In-Service Training

DECIDE is an educational intervention program for abusive individuals that can help you ...

• understand that you CAN change
• work on overcoming feelings and attitudes that drive controlling and abusive behaviors
• develop respectfuI ways of interacting and communicating even when under stress
• learn to resolve conflict without abuse or violence
• learn how to be a great role model and parent to a child

DECIDE ... an educational program for change is based on the beliefs that:

• Abuse and interpersonal violence are learned behaviors that can be unlearned.
• Abuse and interpersonal violence are social problems requiring changes at individual, institutional and cultural levels.

• Domestic abuse is a pattern of pressure or force used to maintain power and control in a relationship.
• Domestic abuse can be emotional, psychological, physical, sexual or financial.Domestic abuse destroys relationships and families.
• Domestic abuse harms children's emotional, psychological and medical well being.

DASI is a non-profit, domestic and sexual violence services agency located in Sussex County, NJ.
DECIDE is supported by the NJ Department of Children & Families, Division of Family &
Community Partnerships, Office of Domestic Violence Services

DECIDE is not an anger management or therapy group.