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Green Dot Strategy

A GREEN DOT is any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that counters or displaces a red-dot of violence – by promoting safety for everyone and communicating utter intolerance for power based violence. A Green Dot is when an individual takes a proactive bystander role that establishes intolerance of violence as the norm. A Green Dot is when an individual integrates moments of preventing power based... violence such as sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking, bullying, harassment, child abuse and hate crimes within existing relationships and daily activities.

Green Dots are both proactive and reactive behaviors and interventions. Green Dots can carry influence and create social change. We can end violence in our community one Green Dot at a time!

DASI brings the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy to Sussex County schools, providing training, establishing Green Dot Clubs, providing technical assistance, and facilitating activities such as socio-drama, media literacy presentations, awareness projects, or anything the students believe will help to change the norms in their particular school.

We can tailor presentations to meet your needs.

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