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A huge THANK YOU to all who donated to the Purple Purse Challenge in support of DASI and victims of domestic violence. Many friends of DASI responded to our call to shelter and support victims of domestic violence. The Purple Purse was a great success with supporters raising $49,306. With a generous $50,000 match from Thorlabs and bonus prizes from the Allstate Foundation, $102,506 was raised to provide safety and comfort for victims of domestic violence in Sussex County.

We thank you!

The staff of DASI believes in the strength of survivors and begins by helping them to believe in themselves.

Many survivors are unaware that they have shown strength and courage in coping with their situations, in protecting their children, or by simply staying alive. Survivors can only make informed decisions about their lives when they feel safe, when they are aware of their options and when they know they are not alone.

DASI staff can assist with physical, emotional and psychological injuries, and help with safety planning, housing and financial emergencies. Services such as a 24-hour helpline, emergency shelter, counseling, support groups, advocacy, court preparation, medical and legal accompaniment, children's services, transportation, food and clothing are available.

"DASI literally saved my life and my daughter's life. We were so afraid something really bad was going to happen, and we were very grateful for the shelter." T.M.

"Facing him in court alone would have been my undoing.
The support of my advocate and the information she shared with me was SO helpful in making important life decisions and moving forward." D.S.